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Create wishlist online for free

Create your wishlist without registration and absolutely free in just a few clicks. Share it with your family or friends. No more boring or duplicate gifts. Gift giving can be so easy.

Create wishlist online for free

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Find the gift that is right for you from over 229 million products and put it on your wishlist. You can add as many products as you like to your wishlist.

Add wishes to wishlist

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Share your wishlist easily with your family or friends via email, Whatsapp or a simple link. You can even embed your wishlist into your own website.

Share wishlist with family and friends

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Wishlist features from Wishly

  • No more double gifts

    With the "Mark as bought" function, your family or friends can see which wishes have already been fulfilled.

  • Easily shareable with friends and family

    You can easily share your wishlist with friends or family via mail, WhatsApp or a link after you have created it.

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Create an Online Wishlist Easily and for Free

The idea for this online wishlist was born out of a personal problem. You've surely experienced situations before big events like birthdays or Christmas: Your relatives or friends want to give you a nice gift and they want to know what you wish for. Often, in that moment, you may not have the right wish on the tip of your tongue, and you would have wished to have a list of all your wishes that you could give to the gift-giver.

But even if you have communicated your wishes to all family members or acquaintances, it happens that they don't coordinate with each other, and you end up receiving duplicate gifts.

The online wishlist from Wishly is the solution to all these problems.
With the online wishlist from Wishly, you can easily create a wishlist for your birthday, your wedding, or the birth of your child. You can update the wishlist at any time and share it with your friends or relatives.

To avoid receiving duplicate gifts in the future, gift-givers can mark the items as "gifted" that they have already purchased for you.

Now, simply and for free, create your own wishlist in just 3 steps.

  1. Give your wishlist a name, choose a date for the event.
  2. Add the products you wish for. You can easily search through millions of products and select the right ones.
  3. Then, you can easily share the list with friends and family via email, WhatsApp, or simply through a link.

Creating the wishlist is completely free for you and does not require registration.

If you want to edit your wishlist later on, it is only possible if you create an account with us.